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We act for both employees and employers in respect to issues that arise in the workplace, providing advice and representation on a wide range of employment law issues.

An unfair dismissal is one where the employee is dismissed from their job in a harsh, unjust or unreasonable manner. There are many cases which help us decide whether the dismissal has been unfair.

There are a number of requirements which need to be satisfied before a claim can be made. Firstly the employee must be employed for at least six months before they can apply for unfair dismissal. Also, if employees are working for a small business they have to be employed for at least 12 months before they can apply. There are special laws which pertain to small businesses. A small business is one defined as any business which has less than 15 employees. There is a small business fair dismissal code which provides protection against unfair dismissal claims against small business owners.

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