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We work with insolvency practitioners, administrators, liquidators and receivers to achieve the best possible results.

We have extensive knowledge and experience across an array of legal practice areas.

Our Bankruptcy Lawyers and Insolvency Lawyers deliver quality legal advice and assistance to individuals, corporations, liquidators and creditors.

We have a track record of success acting for a diverse range of clients affected by bankruptcy and insolvency, our Bankruptcy and Insolvency Solicitors stand at the frontline of the legal industry.

Our insolvency team is also able to advise commercial clients suffering from cash flow issues in respect of the legal ramifications and impacts of insolvency and options available to them, including in the event that they go into administration, liquidation or bankruptcy.

We have particular expertise in:

  1. Pursuing winding up and bankruptcy applications;
  2. Issuing statutory demands and bankruptcy notices;
  3. Actions against directors for breaches of the Corporations Act;
  4. Defending directors for breaches of the Corporations Act;
  5. Enforcement of securities;
  6. Acting in relation to actions taken by secured creditors;
  7. Actions concerning insolvent trading;
  8. Preference claims; and
  9. Court representation for administrators, companies and receivers.

For further information, please contact Steve McAuley on (02) 9633 1826 or reception@mcauleylawyers.com.au.

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