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McAuley Lawyers will act on your behalf to protect your Intellectual Property, including in relation to Copyright, Trademark, Registered Design and Patent Infringement matters.

Intellectual property litigation law ensures that a copyright holder’s enforcement of copyright, patent, design and trade mark.

Our Intellectual property Lawyers have extensive experience in enforcing intellectual property rights and resolving intellectual property disputes.

It is important that you act quickly to stop the infringers from exploiting your hard-earned commercial advantage in the marketplace.

For example, the whole purpose of a patent is to grant its holder a monopoly over an invention or certain aspects of an invention (to the exclusion of others, unless consent is given) over a period of time; a trademark allows consumers to tell at a glance the origin and the provider of the goods and services that are being sold; and copyright law protects the precious intellectual energies of authors, playwrights, musicians and artists (to name but a few).

These are all important rights that need to be enforced against those who try to steal your work. We can take these infringers to Court.

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